Real Estate

Real Estate

Property Valuation

Valuation target

  • Land: agricultural land, garden
  • Land for construction of offices
  • Residential land
  • Buildings: hotel, resort, apartment, office

Purpose of valuation

  • Sales, purchases and transfer of property
  • Mortgage, guarantees, bank loans
  • Determining the value of assets, project
  • Accounting, liquidation of assets, unsurance, compensation, clearance ….
  • Valuation of assets for investigation, trial, property disputes….
  • Joint venture, establishment, conversion or dissolution of enterprises.
  • Proof of finance for: study, travel, migration, invesetment abroad.
  • Other purposes

Valuation approaches and methods

  • Income approach
  • Cost approach
  • Market approach

List of documents

Land and building

  • Certificate of ownership
  • Construction permit (if any)


  • Certificate of ownership
  • Construction permit